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Best Coffee Shops & Cafes Phoenix, AZ

The coffee scene in Phoenix, Arizona is raking off. There are so many places to go to find a cup of coffee and so many places to visit within the city, and just outside of it. If you’re looking for a place to grab a great coffee blend of a great espresso shot while you’re in Phoenix, then there are many places for you to visit and get your coffee fix. There are many great places that are local shops, that are conveniently located in the downtown area, coffee houses, and great cafes all in Phoenix, Arizona.

Downtown Phoenix

There are many coffee shops downtown phoenix, they are everywhere from end to end of the downtown streets. Places like Lux Central are great and offer a wide blend of coffee for their guests to enjoy. Another good downtown Phoenix coffee shop is Tres Leches Cafe'- Mexican Coffee Bar, which offers food, coffee, and great service. They offer a wide variety of coffee choices, and are great with the guests there. There’s also Giant Coffee on North 1st St. in Phoenix. This shop this place is open every day from 9 am until 6 p.m, and has a great choice of coffee, espresso’s, and scratch pastries.

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Coffee Houses

Phoenix is a host to many coffee houses and is know for phoenix coffee house bars. There are a few to name like Royal Café Bar located in Biltmore Fashion Park as well as Heritage Square, this coffee house has many different blends of coffee, great espresso, great food, and even better service. As a bonus, their hours are 11 am to 7 pm every Monday thru Saturday and open till 6 pm on Sunday. Another coffee house is Jobot Coffee and Bar, while it’s located on Roosevelt St. in Phoenix, this coffee house serves coffee, espresso, food such as salads and meals, beer, as well as a full bar and wine selection.

This place is a premier destination for anyone who loves to enjoy coffee with a show as they have live bands perform as well as DJs. Another coffee house is Enroute Coffee and Tea House which gives you a feeling of being at home. They offer a wide variety of snacks and treats, as well as coffee, espresso, and iced or hot coffee options.

Local Coffee Shops

Phoenix has a host of local coffee shops that are great to stop at and enjoy a few cups of coffee. Many Phoenix coffee shops offer a wide variety of things including snacks, desserts, and alcohol. There are so many shops that are local to Phoenix like Lola Coffee, La Grande Orange, Cartel Coffee Lab, Luci's Healthy Marketplace, Copper Star Coffee, Futuro, Sip Coffee, and beer Garage, Elevate Coffee Company, be: Coffee + Food + Stuff, The Grand, Songbird Coffee, La Grande Orange Grocery & Pizzeria, Press Coffee, and Street Coffee. With so many local options to choose from, there is a lot of places to visit if you’re a coffee lover.

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Café’s in Phoenix

The phoenix cafes are dotted all over Phoenix, some in downtown like the aforementioned Tres Leches Cafe'- Mexican Coffee Bar, which serves great coffee and snacks, and some that are further out like Cabin Coffee Café in Glendale, AR, which also serves great food, coffee (iced and hot), and snacks. Another great café in Phoenix is Fair Trade Café, which serves organic coffee, snacks, food, and ice cream.

There is also Urban Beans Bar & 24 Hour Café which is always open, serves good coffee, snacks, and food. These are all great café’s to visit, and they are all delicious coffee with plenty of food and snacks to go around, and if you are looking for great food and coffee, visit one of these local cafes.


There are so many coffee shops that are located conveniently in the heart of Phoenix, AR. There are many right on the outskirts as well like the East Valley, which has many coffee places like The Coffee Shop, Berdena's, Bergies Coffee, Maverick Coffee, Fourtillfour, King Coffee, Infusion, and Peixoto Coffee. There is also the West Valley that includes great coffee places such as Colados Coffee & Crepes, A Shot of Java, and Ground Control Coffee.

There are many coffee shops located in cities around Phoenix including, Litchfield Park, Glendale, Gilbert, Tempe, Scottsdale, and Chandler. With so many places to drink coffee, when you’re in the area stop into one of them.

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