How to choose the best
exterior paint for your Phoenix home

At Green Painting Phoenix, we have years of experience in painting jobs large and small. Typically, most exterior paint projects consist of paint only. Are you planning to replace stonework, roof tiles, pathways, shingles, and driveways? Probably not. However, you must consider each of these aspects when choosing your paint color.

Your paint choice should harmonize with existing undertones found in your home’s fixed elements. Common warm undertones seen in some stonework and paths are beige, brown, khaki, and rust. Examples of cool undertones found in some roofs are gray, blue, and black.

Take note of the underlying hues in your exterior elements and allow them to inform your paint color palette. It’s important to consider the architectural style of your home. The correct paint hues will complement the structure and design.

For example, Victorian houses often feature bright jewel tones, whereas modern architecture is better suited to subdued shades. A reputable painting company will help you choose the proper color palette for your home’s exterior design. Many paint companies offer historically accurate collections. These can serve as an inspiration for your exterior paint choices if you wish to stay within historical context but still choose your own unique shades.

The three main painted areas on the exterior of a house are the field color, the accent color, and the trim color. Field color is your dominant shade, while the accent color can be found on smaller areas like shutters and doors. The trim color belongs on the roof edging, door and window casing, and railings.

Typically a light field color contrasts well with a bold accent color and a darker trim. It’s often a good idea to consult a residential painting company like Green Painting Phoenix. We will gladly offer top-quality interior painting near you.

If you are uncertain about the best color scheme, consider pre-selected color palettes. Most paint companies offer appealing combinations for your exterior home paint.  These palettes can also serve as a springboard, starting you off in the right direction while allowing you to make the choice that’s right for your own unique situation.

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As you visualize your future exterior paint, consider your home’s surroundings. Is your house part of a group of similar homes? How much sunlight does the home receive? What colors are the neighboring houses, and how close by are they? All these details factor in to your color decisions. 

It’s important to remember that the shine, color, and tone of your paint can differ tremendously between paint chip and exterior wall. Do not rely on just a paint sample. If you get the color wrong, it is often too cost prohibitive to repaint, and you’ll be stuck with your mistake. How can you make sure the actual color is what you want? Buy a quart of the paint you think is your perfect choice, and test it yourself. Paint an inconspicuous area of your home and observe the result in different weather conditions and at different moments during the day and evening. 

This is a choice that will affect you for years to come, so take your time in selecting the proper shade for your needs. Just as crucial as the color scheme is the quality of your exterior paint job. Consult Green Painting Phoenix for expert insight into this important decision that will affect your home for years to come.

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