How to get your house ready for interior paint

So you have decided to freshen up your interior spaces with some well-chosen coats of paint! You will be glad you did so. In order to transform your interior spaces and minimize mistakes, take some time to prepare.

You’ll be glad you did! There are five main tasks: Moving furniture, wall hangings, and outlet covers; protecting your floor; cleaning; sealing; and staging. After that, you are ready to paint!

Before you paint walls, move furniture from the room. This will simplify your task immensely. No matter how carefully you try, invariably you’ll find paint spatters on the your tables and upholstery unless you get them out of the room beforehand.

Take the time to remove your wall hangings before you paint. Not only will this allow you to get an even finish on all the walls, it is actually faster and more efficient than trying to paint around objects. Additionally, you don’t want to risk damaging your artwork, clocks, or hanging mirrors with careless dabs of wall paint.

All the outlet covers and switch plates should be removed from the walls you intend to paint. You are far better off taking the time to remove these coverings, instead of attempting to paint around them. Take care to remove ceiling fixtures and medallions also, if you plan to paint your ceiling.

Protect your hardwood floor or carpet with the right supplies. You might be tempted to use plastic sheeting, but it is easily torn and may shift underfoot while you are painting. Instead, use professional butyl-backed cloth or a heavy canvas drop cloth to keep your floors in the same condition as when you start.

Green Painting Phoenix, as the premier residential painting company in the metro area, can offer you suggestions on exactly the materials that will suit your task best. Clean the walls you intend to paint. Doing so will ensure that your paint goes of smoothly and looks professional. If your walls are unclean, smudges might show through or oily patches may alter the consistency of the paint.

Use painter’s tape to seal off windowsills and baseboards. Though this is a time-consuming task, it’s arguably the most important one. Use painter’s tape for clean lines and professional looking results.

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Set up a staging area in the middle of the room for pouring and storing your paint cans and supplies. You should, of course, make sure that this zone is well protected with canvas and you should exercise caution when in and near the staging area. This is a pro tip used by Phoenix painting contractors! Keeping your paints, brushes, tape, and rollers in the same area will save you time and allow you to enjoy the process of painting your home!

Professional-looking paint results are absolutely within your reach. All it takes is some time and preparation beforehand. If you take care of your furnishings, walls, and floor, you’ll find that the painting process can be simple and enjoyable. At Green Painting Phoenix, we know from experience that your revitalized interior spaces will be worth the effort!

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