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Interesting Facts About Arizona You Probably Didn't Know

Arizona which is located in the southern west part of the United States is the 6th largest state following right behind New Mexico. It has a population of around 7 million people and is known as the 14th most populous state in the United States. Although Arizona is not as popular as some of its surrounding states such as Nevada and California it is a very cool and interesting State. Below are just some of the most interesting facts about Arizona.

1. Phoenix which is the capital of Arizona is also their largest city. It has a population of more than 1 million residents and it's actually noted as the only state capital to have more than 1 million residents living in it.

2. For over 2000 years the Hohokam people occupied Phoenix and the surrounding area. The Hohokam people are often believed to have originated through indigenous or Mesoamerican origin.

3. The southern part of Arizona has a desert climate that often gets very hot summers with pretty mild winters.

4. The northern part of Arizona gets much more mild summers with heavier winters.

5. Arizona was first admitted to the Union on Valentine's Day on February 14th in 1912. At that point Valentine's Day had already been gaining in popularity for close to 20 years or more.

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6. Although many know Arizona as the Grand Canyon State it is also known as The Copper State due to an abundance of the mineral being found in the state.

7. Actress Emma Stone hails from Scottsdale, Arizona and attended the local elementary and middle schools and even attended Xavier college preparatory for a semester before dropping out to become an actress

8. Steven Spielberg who is one of the most famed directors in history was raised in Phoenix, Arizona and even attended Arcadia High School located in Phoenix, Arizona.

9. The state bird of Arizona is the cactus wren which is typically found in the southern western parts of the United States.

10. The Arizona Diamondbacks which is the major league baseball team made their debut back in the late 90s and have since won five National League West titles and even a national league championship pennant.

11. The Diamondbacks which play at Chase Field located in Phoenix won the World Series back in 2001.

12. The Fiesta Bowl which is one of the top watched games in college football is held at the State Farm Stadium located in Glendale, Arizona.

13. The TV sitcom Alice which was one of the most popular TV shows during the 70s and 80s was set in Phoenix, Arizona.

14. Another one of the most interesting Arizona facts is that the movie The Scorpion King starring The Rock and Kelly Hu was made in Arizona as was the movies Waiting to Exhale, Can't Buy Me Love and Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure.

15. The Phoenix Art Museum located in Phoenix, Arizona is known as the Southwest's largest visual arts Museum and houses a collection from all over the world. It currently houses more than 18,000 works of art and design.

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16. The University of Phoenix which is one of the largest universities of its kind in the United States was first established back in 1976 and currently offers degrees and certificates and more than a hundred programs.

17. Some notable alumni of the University of Phoenix include Shaquille O'Neal, Howard Schmidt, Mary E. Peters and Larry Fitzgerald who is an American football wide receiver who plays for the Arizona Cardinals.

18. Route 66 which is probably the most popular Highway in the history of the United States was a major highway that ran through the State of Arizona first beginning in 1926. In modern day time Route 66 runs through a variety of States including Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico and California although it is still most notably known in Arizona.

19. Just about 1/4 of the state is made up of Indian reservations. It is home to 27 federally recognized Native American tribes including the ancient tribe of the Navajo Nation.

20. Arizona is a part of the Four Corners of the United States. The other three states include Utah, Colorado, and New Mexico.

These are just some of the many different interesting facts about Arizona. Some other cool facts include the world's largest solar telescope can be found at Kitt Peak National Observatory, the best preserved meteor crater can be seen in Winslow, Arizona and one of the top food delicacies include a cheese crisp which is sort of like a quesadilla except the cheese is on top instead of inside the tortilla.

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