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Safest Neighborhoods in Phoenix for Families

The safety of your family probably ranks paramount among your desires for a neighborhood. Overall in Arizona, you have a one in 240 chance of being a victim of violent crime, but the neighborhoods we chose exhibit far safer statistics. We want to help save you some time, so we researched the safest neighborhoods in Phoenix for you.

In the Phoenix metropolitan area, Buckeye, Gilbert, Paradise Valley, North Phoenix and Scottsdale offer the safest places to live. The metropolitan area spreads out through many cities, smaller towns that Phoenix gobbled up and annexed to form one large city.

Phoenix has earned a bad wrap as an unsafe city, but many of its neighborhoods retain the same character as when they were a small town. Based on recent crime statistics and other information, such as school quality and neighborhood after school activities, here is why you should choose one of these four neighborhoods.

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Buckeye, AZ

The old saying says, "Go west, young man." That applies to all who live in the Phoenix metro, not just the guys. You'll drive 30 minutes from downtown to reach Buckeye , the westernmost suburb of the metro area.

Far from a secret, Buckeye has sprouted from a tiny township of 6,000 to a massive population of 56,683. It continues to grow as the town constructs a large lake.

Violent crime is very rare, with an annual average of 49 violent crimes. In Buckeye, you experience a one in 1,157 chance of becoming a violent crime victim. That means you are five times less likely to experience a violent crime here than in the rest of the state.

Property crimes also occur rarely. Annually, criminals commit about 1,336 property crimes.

Homes have large lots. You can find acreages available. The area's full of opportunities for

Gilbert, AZ

The tiny burg of Gilbert has been dubbed the second saintliest city in the country due to the low rate of property crime. According to crime statistics, 196 violent crimes occur annually. The average number of annual property crimes also remains lower than the state average at only 3,503 per year. that occur every year. There is a small chance of becoming a violent crime victim in Gilbert, a one in 1,173. With a population of 22,972, you'll have an easy time getting to know people.

Rather than a focus on the outdoorsy, Gilbert focuses on education. Its school system offers an impressive 92 percent graduation rate.

It does feature a number of well-maintained parks. It also offers numerous community events.

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Paradise Valley, AZ

You'll fight the crowds for a piece of property in Paradise Valley . This small town located close to Phoenix Mountains Preserve and Piestewa Peak Park which is how it earned its name.

Your neighbors might draw a little press coverage now and then. Many celebrities including Mohammed Ali, Steve Nash and Alice Cooper live among its 13,387 residents.

On an annual basis, only 13 violent crimes occur in Paradise Valley. Property crime remains relatively low, too, with an annual 216 property crimes.

The overall crime rate is 72 percent lower than the rest of the state. You have a one in 1,030 chance of becoming a violent crime victim.

North Phoenix, AZ

Family defines North Phoenix . Its the winner of Street Advisor’s “Best Neighborhoods in Phoenix.” It has the lowest crime rate in the city.

This sprawling neighborhood consists of professionals and retirees, typically the professionals have families and the children. The community provides plenty of kids' activities. You can easily find an affordable, high square footage home.

Try the subdivisions of North Mountain Village and North Gateway. The latter has a crime rate lower than 93 percent of Arizona's cities.

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Scottsdale, AZ

Scottsdale remains its own small city tucked within the larger city that offers its own museums, architecture and community events. Among them, the Scottsdale Arts Festival draws a nationwide audience as one of the nation's largest art festivals. While it offers a family environment, Scottsdale also offers nightlife.

Only 357 violent crimes occur annually in Scottsdale and 5,797 property crimes. Scottsdale draws many wealthy inhabitants that draw thieves. Your TV might get stolen, but you will remain safe.

Moving to Phoenix

Your move to Phoenix can mean a safer environment. As long as you shop around for neighborhoods, you can live in some of the safest places in Arizona. Pick one of these neighborhoods for optimum safety.

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