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Dust, dirt, fingerprints, smoke and cooking oil residue can all have a negative effect on the walls of your home, creating a film that dulls the walls.

Sunlight can also have a negative effect by causing fading. When you are looking for interior painting near Phoenix, it’s important to choose a company you can trust.

A poorly done job can mean the difference between a stunning final product and a sagging disappointment.

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What colors should I choose for interior painting in Phoenix?

Color Moods and Emotions

Did you know that each color has a specific mood and emotion attached to it? Here’s a quick rundown of what the most common colors mean for house painters in Phoenix.


Red is the color of fire and of blood. As such, it represents strength and intensity and is often associated with danger, power, passion and love when painting near Phoenix. This color boosts the human metabolism by increasing respiration and raising the blood pressure. As such, you might not want to use it in a children’s bedroom. However, the rec room or art studio might be a good place. Other colors in the red family include brown (masculine) and pink (affection, gentle love).

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Orange is a unique color as it combines the intensity of red and the uplifting atmosphere of yellow when using house painters in Phoenix. Orange is a “hot” color and can “warm up” a living space. Like red, orange has the ability to stimulate the human metabolism and can boost mental clarity. Colors in the orange family include red orange and gold.


Known as “the sunshine color”, yellow exudes joy, happiness and energy. Yellow can be overstimulating if misused. In fact, studies have shown that babies are more likely to cry in rooms that are painted a bright, invigorating yellow. As with all other colors, yellow is available in various shades. Used properly, it is a great color for attracting attention and making a statement when combined with bolder color schemes.

yellow color


Green is the color of nature and is the most restful of all colors. It relates to freshness, growth and harmony. It’s a great color for a dining room, a kitchen or a bedroom and gives the impression of stability and endurance. Green is often used to promote health-related products and can has a distinct healing quality.


As the color of the sky and sea, blue represents integrity. It can mean trust, loyalty, wisdom, faith, truth and heaven and is another calming color when using local house painters in Phoenix. Blue is known to slow down the human metabolism and to have a tranquilizing effect. Light blue can represent health, understanding and gentleness. Dark blue shades represent power, seriousness and knowledge.

Blue color
Purple color


Purple is a combination of blue and red and possesses qualities of both. A mysterious color, purple is associated with dignity, magic and creativity and is one of the most preferred colors of pre-adolescent children (think Barney). Light purple is a very feminine color, but a rich royal purple can be used for more masculine designs if used tastefully.


White means goodness, light, purity and perfection. In direct opposition to black, white can present a feeling of peace and rest. It works best when used along with other colors, as too much white can present the feeling of sterility found in hospitals and labs.

White color
Black color


Black is another mysterious color that can be associated with fear and darkness. However, when paired with other colors in a painting project, black can present an extremely elegant appearance and will make other colors stand out.

Bold vs Muted

To make a statement, consider using a bold color to really stand out and make an impression when painting near Phoenix. These colors will work well in a central location. You might also want to use bold color schemes in home office spaces to enhance productivity. If you live in a more old-fashioned style home, you may want to consider using pastels or lighter colors on the color wheel.

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Free Estimates Delivered In 24 Hours
Sheens and Finishes

There are several sheens, or finishes, you can choose to have applied by house painters in Phoenix. The sheen you choose will depend on the location of the walls you’re looking to have painted. Gloss and satin finishes are best for high-traffic areas such as foyers and bathrooms, since they are easy to clean and do not hold onto debris. However, any imperfections in the wall such as patches, irregular drywall joints and divots will be significantly pronounced. If this is the case, you might want to opt for a matte finish such as flat or eggshell.

If you are Googling “painters near me” to find someone who can help you determine a good color scheme for the interior of your home, look to Green Painting Phoenix! Green Painting Phoenix takes the guesswork and headache out of painting and can provide you with a quality paint job to give your home an entirely different feel.

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