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The Perfect Interior Painting Ideas For Your Home in 2020

Is it time to paint your home? Have you been looking at the same walls day in and day out and found yourself searching decorative sites for interior painting ideas? If this is your reality then it is time to bring your dreams to the surface and rejuvenate your home again. Green Painting Phoenix can help you through every step of the process and make the transition from drab to fab effortless and enjoyable.

We take your lifestyle into consideration when providing interior paint ideas and will help you decide upon high gloss or satin finish and even discuss cleaning options. Rooms can suffer from sun damage and paint can become faded. Walls often appear dirty, dusty and covered with fingerprints over time. When you feel like your space needs interior home painting let our professionals from Gren Painting Phoenix help you through every step of the painting and design process.

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You Want To Change Your Interior House Paint But How Do You Do It?

Changing your interior house paint is actually quite fun. You can go online and research on decorative sites for color inspiration or visit your favorite home renovation store to grab some samples. Show these color inspiration splotches to the professional painters from Green Painting Phoenix and we will be able to have them matched and applied in no time. If you find yourself overwhelmed with the options in interior painting color ideas fear not because there is still a way to find the best interior paint ideas for your space!
  • Find an object in your home that is the color you would like to see on your wall
  • Tell our professional painters what colors you like and we will help you decide what works best in the space

What Can Be Expected When You Have The Interior Of Your Home Painted?

When you sign a painting contract and select your color choices there are a few things that will most likely be required of you as the homeowner.
  • Remove pictures and decorative accents from the walls
  • Remove furniture that may be in the way of the painters
  • Inquire about drop cloths
Drop cloths come standard with painting jobs but if you have any type of material sensitivity or concerns be sure to address those before the painters begin painting. All of your furniture will need to be moved into the center of the room and away from walls that are being painted. Furniture will be covered or relocated when ceilings are given a fresh coat of ceiling paint as well. Light fixtures are painted around. You can expect your home to be a bit chaotic during the painting. The job could take anywhere from one day to a week depending upon how many rooms are being painted. It is best to have your home painted during fair weather seasons so that you can open the windows and air the home out to help remove any paint odors. If you are sensitive to paint fumes then you may want to consider staying with friends or family or at a local hotel during the interior home painting.

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What Is On Trend for 2020 For Interior House Paint Ideas?

Interior house painters are always ahead of the curve when it comes to trends for home colors. As far as trends go there are two things to consider:
  • Are you painting your home in order to sell it?
  • Are you having your home painted to enjoy the freshest looks?
These are two very factors when it comes to selecting home paint trends. The hottest trends for resale value in 2020 are in favor of neutral tones. When a potential buyer comes into your home to consider purchasing it they do not want to see your color choices. They want a neutral blank slate that will accommodate their furniture and decorative accents. The potential buyer may enjoy more rustic decor or traditional. A simple neutral shade such as a beige or gray will go nicely with any type of style the buyer will bring into the home. This will help you sell your home faster and appease to a broader audience. You should also always have a fresh coat of white ceiling paint applied throughout the home to truly brighten and refresh the space

If you are not looking to sell your home and you enjoy staying on trend then you will love the fresh trends that 2020 will be bringing in. Accent walls are still in style. Fresh colors such as yellow, lilac, slate blue and dark gray are all eye-catching and expressive. Let the wonderful mood provoking colors that excite the senses take over in your home. Red is dramatic, yellow is energetic and green and blue are tranquil. These popular colors will help you create the best mood in your space. Consider variations of these traditional colors to represent your style and artistic flare.

Straight lines and crisp colors help bring vibrancy to your home. Chair rails with one color on the lower half and another neutral color on top leading up towards a crisp white ceiling is also very trendy and creates a classic look that can be sophisticated or fun depending upon your accent pieces and furniture style. Your paint professionals will also help you decide on whether you need satin or gloss. If you have a high traffic area you will want paint applied that can be kept clean easily. You should not have to spend hours wiping fingerprints and dirt off of your walls and then worrying about compromising your paint. We use high end paint and apply it properly so that it is visibly appealing in any type of lighting.

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