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Things To Know Before Moving To Phoenix

People in the United States love to move around to different states for various reasons. Many of them may not be looking for a permanent home, but they enjoy spending time in other cities, and soak up some of their local culture. One place that is getting their fair share of transients is Phoenix, Arizona. This is the city where pool parties can be held year round, and plants need only a little watering. This is the sunny city, and the capital of the Grand Canyon State. If planning a move to Phoenix, there are some things that may be helpful to know.

Phoenix Weather

Green Painting - Residential Interior And Exterior Painting in Phoenix

It is usually hot all year round in Phoenix, but in the summer time the residents literally wear gloves when driving. The temperatures in the summer can rise to over 100 degrees daily. If your vehicle is left in the sun for an hour or longer, when you get in to drive you will burn your hands grabbing the steering wheel. Smart people who are aware of this fact wear oven mitts. You probably will not need an umbrella because rainfall is a very rare occurrence. Phoenix does have horrific dust storms called haboobs. It is a funny name, but the storms are no joke, and they can be very violent. Arizona also has Monsoon season which is the time of the rare rainfalls. Residents can smell a monsoon in the air before it reaches the city. Although the climate is hot, they do have a winter.

Exterior Painting in Phoenix
Exterior Painting in Phoenix

Phoenix Transportation

Green Painting - Residential Interior And Exterior Painting in Phoenix

The best public transportation is not in Phoenix. There is a light rail that is mostly convenient to people who live in the downtown area. The rails are great for getting to the Diamondbacks and Suns games, and the various concerts. It does not help commuters get to where they need to be. If there are errands to be run, or a job to get to, a car is a necessity.

Best Places in Phoenix

Green Painting - Residential Interior And Exterior Painting in Phoenix

People do not run out of exciting things to do in Phoenix. One of the biggest attractions is the Majestic Grand Canyon. Visitors from all across the country make it a point to see this amazing landmark. The Sonoran Desert is also a must see that is within driving distance of the city. The Camelba Mountain is another spot that people can not get enough of in Phoenix.

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Things of Interest To Do in Phoenix

Green Painting - Residential Interior And Exterior Painting in Phoenix

Summer fun is great in Phoenix. The concerts never stop, and Phoenix is at the top of the PGA golf tour. Biking and hiking are fun things for the adventurous person to do. Once the temperatures start to cool down a little, and the Fall of the year comes in, everyone gears up for the amazing festivals. The Fall Festivals bring the aroma of pumpkin spice which indicates that Autumn is alive.

The Art Events and Exhibitions are a part of the downtown art walk, and the museums and galleries exhibit fabulous art and artifacts. The Fall Food and Music Festival is great fun and entertainment for the entire family. You can find urban explorations, and desert adventure year round in Phoenix. There is plenty of fun and amusements, and outdoor things to enjoy. Paddling down the Salt River is an attraction that many people love. Taking advantage of the many guided tours and sightseeing are interesting even to the residents. So, if you move there, you will never have a dull moment.

Phoenix is Famous for Authenticity

Green Painting - Residential Interior And Exterior Painting in Phoenix

This city takes claim to have the best Mexican food in the nation. The food there is superb, and is as good, or better, than original Mexican food in Mexico. Their claim of authenticity in their food is unmatched. You are sure to fall in love with this cuisine if you are not already. You will find that most of the natives of Phoenix are excellent cooks.

Phoenix has some of the nation's best sports teams. The city is represented in every aspect of national sports that include basketball, baseball, golf, and much more. The support that the teams receive from the fans is is driven by their loyalty. People also enjoy the Hot Air Balloon rides which occur several times throughout the day, and the day tours to the canyons, the mountains, the desert, and other places that are offered. All of these things are good to know before you move to Phoenix, so that you can start preparing for the fun and adventure ahead of your trip.

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